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This weeks issue: Oil Demand, Gas Demand, Demand Destruction, Oil Investments, Oil Dividends, Stock Buybacks, Carbon Tax, Canada Raises the Carbon Tax, Canada Emissions, The Economist Magazine Covers, The End of Coal, Tech Super Heroes, Meta Platforms Stock, Peabody Energy Stock, Elon Musk, Tesla, Tesla Secure the Bag, Nickel, EVs, German Energy Emergency, Russia vs. Germany.


Consumer Oil and Gas Benefits

We are sure you are aware of rebates created by Western governments. These rebates can cover various things but, the most recent edition is a tax rebate for buyers of electric cars. President Joe Biden announced an increase to the rebate during his first month in office, notably left off the list was Tesla. Tesla was left off because there is a new requirement for electric car manufacturers, employee unions. Green cars are only good when created by a union. If they were made across the world and shipped here, that is still better than an American-made Tesla according to the U.S. government.

Today we do not bring you a new green government rebate. We bring you Germany cutting consumer costs at the pump by cutting the carbon tax and sending consumers a subsidy of $300. As oil gets more expensive expect this to continue to happen across Western nations……………