Investment Models

MacNicol & Associates Inc. offers a variety of models to reflect your own personal investing style and risk tolerance, ranging from very low-risk investments in fixed-income assets, to higher-risk equities from Canada, U.S. and Global exposure.




Fixed-Income Model
Risk: Conservative

The objective of this strategy is to maximize income while simultaneously preserving capital and liquidity. To meet this objective, the strategy invests mainly in short-term bonds of the highest quality. We focus on corporate bonds, and Canadian and US$-pay preferred shares in order to be tax effective for the client.


Corporate Bonds must meet a minimum of a BBB credit rating to qualify for investment. Since safety of capital is of utmost importance, MacNicol & Associates does not deal in the trading of low-grade bonds.



Canadian Balanced
Risk: Moderate

The objective is to accomplish a blend of capital preservation and long-term growth. The portfolio holds a balanced mix of fixed income securities and Canadian equities. The fixed income portion reflects our Fixed-Income strategy, while the equity holdings focus on established Canadian companies whose dividends and share values have an excellent opportunity of increasing yearly.



Global Balanced
Risk: Moderate

The objective is a blend between preservation of capital and long-term appreciation through a mixture of Canadian and foreign equities as well as fixed-income securities.



Canadian Equity, U.S. Equity, Global Equity, EAFE Equity
Risk: Growth

These all-equity models incorporate the firm’s regional investment strategies.
Incorporating additional risk, equities have historically always outperformed other major asset classes:



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