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The pace of change in financial markets has increased dramatically. But can your business stay on top it all? MacNicol and Associates is pleased to offer you access to our monthly market updates. MacNicol Portfolio Managers will take you and your clients through the month’s biggest headlines and emerging investment themes. Together, we will help you differentiate yourself in the increasingly competitor advisory world so you can strengthen the relationships you have with existing clients and secure new ones.

Your Quick Market Update

The MacNicol Market Update captures the timeliest and, more importantly, relevant issues happening in today’s financial markets.  

When you sign up for the MacNicol Market Update you will receive a video update you can put on your website, include in emailers, or add to your social media channel every week.

Through this information partnership with MacNicol & Associates, you will reinforce to your clients your commitment to helping them make the most informed and strategic investment decisions that don’t just make good financial sense – they make smart financial sense.

Your Complimentary Portfolio Review

Let’s face it, there simply aren’t any extra hours being added to your day.  It’s not unusual for financial advisors to have clients walk in the door with a mountain of financial statements, asking for advice.

Imagine being able to shift that workload to a partner firm with the experience, the skill, the infrastructure, and the bandwidth to take this on for you.

This is where we come in.

Our approach creates a measurable benefit to you with time saving, efficiency, speed, and the opportunity to earn more business from your clients.

We know you want to learn more about how we can help you do more and earn more.

Let’s make this happen NOW.  Simply enter your email address to get started! 

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