Why Choose MacNicol & Associates?


Personal Attention

MacNicol & Associates work closely with clients and external advisors to ensure investment objectives are met on an on-going basis. We pride ourselves on the high level of service offered to our clients. With a team approach and international resources, as well as a proven portfolio management history, we are prepared to meet your individual investment needs.


Additional Benefits
The Portfolio Manager monitors your portfolio on a regular basis, and clients have on-line access to account status and reporting in addition to receiving regular quarterly communication including statements from both MacNicol & Associates and the custodial financial institution.


Some of the additional benefits of investing with MacNicol & Associates are:

  • Global approach yields less risk due to more diversification
  • Independence, controlled size, investment experience and commitment to clients
  • No conflicts of interest in deciding the investment strategy and no engagement in any brokerage or underwriting activities
  • Control of client’s tax position at year-end, including a review of capital gains before year end in order to minimize taxes
  • Custodial relationships are held with many of the major Canadian banks.
  • Clients do not pay any sales commission to enter the relationship
  • There are no hidden trailer fees
  • Prompt and efficient execution, delivery and settlement of securities trading
  • Simplified Quarterly statements showing a summary of total assets and revenue collected during the period
  • Annual tax and capital gains statements are provided to assist with year-end accounting
  • An internal system that ensures privacy for compliance of confidential information