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From 12pm until 1pm EST


MacNicol & Associates Asset Management Inc. / info@macnicolasset.com

MacNicol & Associates Monthly Webinar

Food Security

Featuring Joseph Pochodyniak and Jason Aitken from Qu'Appelle Beef.


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Joseph Pochodyniak and Jason Aitken will talk about a pressing issue in today's economy and one that is a significant driver of inflation. Food Security will be an essential issue that countries will need to tackle going forward.


Jason Aitken is the President of Qu'Appelle Beef. Qu'Appelle Beef is Canada's first craft beef brand, dedicated to care and attention with manageable herds. Qu'Appelle Beef are Canadian, they are independent and only do beef. They take longer to produce the best and take no shortcuts. They only produce Certified Organic and Grass-Fed Beef. Qu'Appelle Beef is located in Saskatchewan.

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MacNicol & Associates Asset Management has invested in Qu'Appelle Beef through our Alternative Asset Trust.

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